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A fantastic core muscle workout with the exhilarating experience of paddling on Sydney Harbour

Have you ever wanted to exercise while experiencing our majestic aquatic environment? Kayakercise ® is an activity that offers anyone near water the opportunity to combine a fantastic work out with simple to advanced kayaking techniques.

Exercise, Learn and Have Fun!

The Kayakercise ® Journey

Introductory Classes
Exercise and Skills Classes
Aqua Classes
Intensity Classes
Picnic Paddle Groups
Autumn Weekly Schedule
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Introductory Classes

You have to start somewhere! Our Introductory Classes are designed to bring a new paddler up to speed in order to join the other classes. If you have never paddled before, or if you have but you have never Kayakercised before then our Introductory Classes are for you. Our trained Kayakercise ® instructors will go over the basic building blocks for the entire program. Learn simple to advanced manoeuvres and techniques so you can enjoy the Kayakercise ® Program. Group sizes are small and are normally done at the same time as another regular class is occurring so you can see what you’re in for! We encourage you to join in on one of those times however, private Introductory Classes can be arranged.

Exercise and Skills Classes

Now that you have been introduced to the world of Kayakercise ® it’s time to use those skills. The regular Exercise and Skill Classes will build on those basic techniques you learned in the Introductory Class. You will refine those skills and learn many more to make you an efficient and confident paddler. What better way to learn these skills than by putting them into an exercise orientation? That’s right; learn while getting your workout.


Aqua Classes

A kayak is a 3 dimensional tool and you are only as confident in a kayak as you are in all 3 of those dimensions. What does that mean? It means that your kayak is capable of inversion! In the Aqua Classes you can learn basic rescue techniques and advanced techniques (Eskimo roll). These classes explore the relationship of the water and your kayak so that you can be fully confident and obtain absolute control over your exercise tool. These classes are recommended to those who have performed well in Skill Classes and whom are recommended to by their instructor.
Only available in summer

Intensity Classes

So you think you can keep up with the big boys? The Intensity Class is a structured class that utilises the Kayakercise ® manoeuvres to their fullest. Here you will find a cardio and muscular workout like no other. These classes are also recommended to those who perform well in the Exercise and Skills Classes and by whom their instructor recommends.


It’s time to put your endurance and all those skills to the test! Kay-Ball is a sport similar to Canoe Polo but with many more twists. You will find yourself amongst a friendly yet competitive atmosphere and doing all you can to follow a ball all over the water. Games and practice classes are all part of your Kayakercise ® package when you sign up for your Kayakercise ® memberships or blocks.


Kayakercise ® Picnic Paddle Groups

Maybe skills and intensity isn’t for you. Our Picnic Paddle groups are for those who purely want to enjoy our natural aquatic playground by paddling to one of many secluded beaches in North Harbour. On arrival you will find a picnic set-up waiting for the group. While sitting on the beach, enjoy the serenity of the morning with a warm cup of tea and a small bite to eat. Your morning is then finished by some exercise with a paddle back to reality. These groups are ideal for those mothers who just need that escape from the every day routine, or for those visiting couples who want to meet some fun people and see a bit of the Manly area by kayak. No experience is necessary and a guide is provided to facilitate the paddle. A minimum group size of 6 people is required for the paddle to occur. You don’t have to be a Kayakercise ® member to participate in the Picnic Paddle, however, if you are it is only $5 per paddle as apposed to the regular $25.


Autumn Weekly Time Schedule

Autumn Schedule
Tuesday morning
Wednesday night
Friday morning
Saturday morning
& 11am-12.30pm
*Times are subject to change

Please confirm your intention to participate by SMS,
phone call or email for each class.
Designate your own weekly roster based on the
available times listed above.

0412 622 622


Kayakercise ®

All Kayakercise ® classes are included in the following prices (with the exception of the picnic paddle and introductory class). Choose from our blocks and attend any of our classes of up to either 6 or 10 times. Blocks are valid for an entire year and are transferable to someone else.

Choose a membership and come to as many classes as you wish during your time frame

As a member of Kayakercise ® you can enjoy the Picnic Paddle Group Class for only an additional $5 per session.

No contract to sign, renew at any time and chose your own schedule!

Price List
Type of class
Introductory Class
Class by Class
6 Block
10 Block
1 month unlimited
2 month unlimited


Kayakercise ® PICNIC PADDLE

$5 for Kayakercise ® members
Bookings are essential for Picnic Paddle Group Classes





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